"The writing style is terse and tense, which fits the story. Having the action unfold in real time within one location works very well to heighten the urgency and the sense of claustrophobia as circumstances close in around the main character."

"This script is one heck of a page turner.

It works off a bold premise using real time and one location, and impressively crafts a fast-paced, action-packed story that serves the premise. The writing is brutal and unforgiving. Even more importantly, that violence serves some important themes that give the script
depth beyond a typical action movie.

There is a unique vision here that deserves credit for its risky approach.
The strength of the script lies within its craft. You can feel the blood spill and the bones break during the action sequences. The words scream off the page, making for an engaging read. And the fights are always driven by emotion, thus the violence is always justified."

R  E  V  I  E  W  S

"The writing deftly introduces the characters in a memorable way and keeps them so clear with Action and Dialogue, you never have to stop and say, "Wait, who is that guy again?" 

WRITING CLEAR AND MEMORABLE CHARACTERS is not as easy as people think. But this excellent script makes it look easy!"


"This Reader was absolutely on the edge of my seat reading this script. It was intense, but in a good way. I still can't shake off this script two days after reading it."

"Danger Close is a claustrophobic,

tension-filled script with huge stakes and an unrelenting pace. The story's compressed, real-time timeframe adds to the sense of danger and helped me feel that I was truly experiencing the events as they unfolded through Bundy's eyes."

F R O M     A C A D E M Y    R E A D E R S

"This is an intelligently conceived and well-crafted war drama which unfolds like a thriller. There are some

                                     startling twists!"

"Did someone get it to Michael B. Jordan to play Bundy? Because if they haven't, they should! This feel option ready! 

                                                      Outstanding work."